How often should Contact Bar® springs be changed?
Once per year. The springs in the Contact Bar® will relax and lose free length over time, as most springs do. Changing these springs once per year will ensure that one pound per square inch is maintained.

How often should Thermo Bar® springs be changed?
Every three to four years. The springs in the Thermo Bars® will also relax and lose free length, as most springs do. This is especially important for plants that run E or F flutes.

How often should Finger Holder springs be changed?
Every six months. This will keep the fingers from moving too freely away from the corrugating roll.

What air pressure setting should I use for the Thermo Bar® system?
80 PSI. This will provide adequate pressure to lift the bars off of the belt when needed.

What should my gap setting be on the Contact Bar®?
The gap setting should be .030″ – .060″ from the underside of the shoes to glue roll depending on the smallest flute height run. Be sure to use a flexible feeler gauge such as Mylar die backing. A rigid feeler will not conform to the curvature of the shoe and glue roll.

At what height should I set my Thermo Bar®?
The height setting for Thermo Bars® is 3″ from the top of the shoe to the underside of the main tube. Traction Bars® are 2 3/4″. The bars must be in the down/run position (no board in machine) in order to accurately measure.

At what speed should I set my glue roll on my Glue Machine?
It’s recommended that the glue applicator roll speed for the double backer be set at 98% of paper speed.

What’s the difference between the FI Black Brake Pad and the K-Green Brake Pad?
The black pad is our standard pad; the green pad is our extended life pad and is made of a kevlar material. In fact, the K-Green pads offer three times the life of the black (standard) pad. Contact us for specific pricing information.

Do you have parts manuals for your equipment?
All of our equipment is shipped with a manual specific to your serial number. If for any reason you require an additional manual, we’ll be happy to supply one at a minimal cost. Spare part pricing, availability and setting instructions can be faxed to your location upon request at no charge.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We also require a purchase order number to ship your orders and our terms are generally net 30 days unless quoted otherwise.

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