Features and Benefits:

  • The Profero Dual Arch Adhesive Application System allows two separate mediums to be laminated together prior to entry into the corroding rolls. This provides an alternative board/grade combination from your present corrugator. R.S.C. containers produced with dual arch equipment can provide as much as three times the strength of standard single fluted cases.
  • The increase of concora values of up to 100% raises the flat crush figures by a similar percentage. Strength and rigidity normally associated with middle weight double wall board are achieved using only four ply rather than five ply of paper.
  • The reduced material in dual arch corrugated board provides a 10% increase in pallet stack heights and subsequent transport capacity. Lower unit costs per box and superior compression values over standard light double wall boxed of similar dimensions are achieved.
  • The Profero Dual Arch Adhesive Application System applies adhesive to the underside of the upper paper web in the direction of paper travel by means of an annular grooved roll. The adhesive is metered by a matching annular grooved roll, which can be adjusted during operation to suit the running conditions of the paper and type of adhesive used.

Product Specs
100 Series Dual Arch Adhesive Application System

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