Duowax Applicator

The Duowax Applicator – Patented

Features and Benefits:

Like the Versa Waxer, the Duowax Applicator is:

  • Available in 87″, 98″ and 110″ widths.
  • Wax application rates extremely stable – from 1.5lbs./MSF and up.
  • Easy installation.


  • Multiple application rates available versus just one on the Versa Waxer, offers more production flexibility to our customers.
  • Redundant systems in one machine, easier to maintain and service.
  • Constant running design, allows for non-wax runs to continue through the machine without having to stop and re-thread.
  • Dual wax float design, extra security from any potential wax overflow.
  • Floor mount units available.

Product Specs:

  • 1. All widths available
  • 2. 47”W x 46”H x 145”L (98” model)
  • 3. Dual Applicator roll/pressure roll design

Product Video

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